So It’s Almost The New Year and I Still Don’t Feel Any Different

For the final post of 2015, I wanted to end the year on a (quasi) optimistic note by borrowing two of my favorite things:

Death Cab for Cutie Lyrics


ZeroHedge Articles

For those of you so inclined to listen to such things, from their best album to date Trasatlanticism, Death Cab for Cutie kicked off their rise to fame with the following quote:

“So this is the New Year and I don’t feel any different….”

I will have plenty more to say on the subject as the calendar page turns, which, despite many promises and “resolutions” – promises nothing and resolves nothing.

We will solve this problem next year.

Lastly, dear reader, I leave you with my favorite website, one which I get ALMOST all of my news, the brilliant “Tylers” over at ZeroHedge:

Finally, and as always, we wish all our readers the best of luck and success in 2016, with lots of trading success, and depart with our now traditional and unwavering year-end promise: Zero Hedge will be there each and every day helping readers expose, unravel and comprehend the fallacy, fiction, fraud and farce that the system is reduced to (ab)using each and every day just to keep the grand tragicomedy going for at least one more day.

So is ZeroHedge’s promise and so is ours – 2016, despite the catastrophe’s around us, will bring a time of unending truth from he editors here at Marginally Correct – fighting for peace, great health, incredibly productivity and sound economics.

Merry New Year!


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