Je Suis Paris

Following on the coattails of all of the great writers this weekend, I have Eric Margolis in mind along with Lew Rockwell and all of the Tyler’s over at ZeroHedge, Paris is all the rage (literally). This is, of course, unless you’re an overprivileged college student in the United States, where micro aggressions against hyper-sensitive college kids circa 2015 are supposed to supplant literal aggressions against property and person in the form of bombings and mass shootings. If you’re grown up in the United States over the last 30 years, you’ve had a front row seat to the degenerative effects of LBJ’s great grand-kids. It would be nearly impossible to summarize all of the content that has come out since Friday afternoon when news hit in the states of the horrific attacks in Paris. However, there are some key takeaways that are absolutely essential to understanding that, despite the perpetual want of politicians, history did not start yesterday.

From Eric Margolis:

“The modern reincarnation of the assassins struck Paris on Friday night. Alarmingly, one or more may have entered Europe as a Syrian refugee. Rightists in Europe are already calling for internment camps for Muslims, though they had nothing whatsoever to do with IS’s teenage lunatics. In fact, IS has put Muslims everywhere in peril as well as besmirching the name of Islam. Europe may seize the Paris attacks as an excuse to bar any further refugees”

Regarding IS members posing as Syrian refugees, here’s ZeroHedge:

“The most surprising story line emerging from the Paris attack to date is the story of a Syrian passport “found” near the body of one of the assailants. While we will shorly report an odd development that, according to French police, the passport may have been fake and thus planted to make it seem like the terrorist was Syrian, moments ago the Serbian Interior Ministry said that the passport holder had passed through Serbia last month where he sought asylum, the Serbian Interior Ministry said. “One of the suspected terrorists, A.A., who is of interest to the French security agencies, was registered on the Presevo border crossing on October 7 this year, where he formally sought asylum,” the ministry said in a statement Reuters reported. The full name of the perp has been since revealed to be Ahmed Almuhamed.”

As more and more details emerge on what exactly happened on the horrific Friday the 13th, Paris had their 9/11 moment. There are many, many tragedies coming out of this, which involves the loss of human life, which can never, regardless of how anyone, person or state, respond, be replaced. Second, for those survivors, liberty is most certainly reduced. As with any attack, we cannot rule out the possibilities of a false flag as “passports” of “refugees” continue to pop up near terrorists. The French paper, Liberation, accurately captured the skeptics’ view regarding passports fully intact after blowing themselves up.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of moving parts here, all of which have resulted in the deaths of innocent people trying to enjoy themselves on a Friday night. As with all government action, Rahm Emmanual, speaking on behalf of all statists, summed it up best “never waste a good crisis”. This event, both at home and abroad, will be used to reduce liberty, while “doubling down” on interventions in the middle east, which are, in fact, the genesis of the problem.

I leave you with the following video, from the heroic Ron Paul, summing this all up nicely back in 2007, while enraging the despicable Rudy Guillani – reality is truly stranger than fiction.

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